Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scathing Critique From Apple To Samsung

Ahead of the appearance of Galaxy S IV, one of Apple's top officials issued a scathing critique. Samsung and Android became the target range.

Apple's head of marketing, Phil Schiller, said that Android is fragmented with so many models and variations of software. Many Android users are also stuck using an older version of the OS.

"By their own data, only 16% of users use the Android OS version one year old. More than 50% are still using software that was two years old," Schiller said, quoted by Reuters on Thursday (14/03/2013).

Schiller also insinuated Galaxy S Samsung IV which will be announced March 14 U.S. time. This handset is considered as the toughest competitor iPhone.

"The issue was also on the news we heard this week that the Samsung Galaxy S IV rumored to be shipped with the OS that he was almost a year. The customer had to wait to get an update," he said.

Schiller compare iOS users who half of them are using the latest version. In addition, he is also considered inferior to the Android experience using iOS.

"Android is usually intended as a substitute for a feature phone and its use is not as good as the iPhone experience," he claims.

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