Thursday, March 7, 2013

Google Chrome Can Reduce 50% Of Data Usage In Android

Google has just launched its newest browser, the Chrome 26 Beta for the Android platform. And, although it is still in beta, the browser application is proved to have the ability to reduce internet data usage up to 50 percent

In this latest Google Chrome app, there is a feature that does allow it. Feature is the use of a proxy server that enables Google's own Chrome sends an HTTP request. Furthermore, the server will send the request to the desired target and run the optimization and content last lighter deliver content to mobile phones.

However, because the browser is still in beta, this one feature disabled by default in the condition. To enable this feature, users can go to chrome :/ / flags and select the Enable Data Compression Proxy. And, in a test run by Google, it appears that this feature can reduce data consumption by up to 50 percent.

The user's browser can directly check the amount of data that has been used. Just go to chrome://net-internals and choose the option bandwidths.

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