Thursday, March 14, 2013

NVidia Is Not Compatible For Tomb Raider

Latest Tomb Raider game that recently launched successfully deliver top quality graphics that make millions of gamers fascinated. Unfortunately it does not apply to gamers Nvidia GeForce graphics card users.

The rumor says that there is a significant decrease in performance when running the game made by Square Enix the publisher.

Alleged said it happened because Nvidia did not receive the final version of the Tomb Raider game code. This version is usually used for presenting graphics card manufacturer drivers to support the Latest version of the game.

Unlike its closest competitor AMD, this would rival has received the final first Tomb Raider game code. As a result, the graphics card can be lightly cultivated fields devouring the game after the update driver.

Labels AMD Gaming Evolved, presumably a major reason why Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider as the developer prefers AMD than Nvidia.

At least, the final code Tomb Raider game is rumored to be soon accepted at the latest Nvidia this week. Thus, it is expected the latest driver for Nvidia graphics card products will be released shortly thereafter.

Quoted from Guru3D, Monday (03/11/2013), the inconvenience of this kind not only experienced users Nvidia graphics card. Gamers with Intel processors are also experiencing similar problems, namely performance degradation when running the latest games Tomb Raider.

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