Friday, March 15, 2013

Instagram Camera, Socialmatic

Socialmatic trying hoping to bring the popularity of Instagram with the release of a special camera that is aimed to retrieve, share, and print photos Instagram. The idea of ??these cameras have been around a long time, until the company brings the camera now.
Socialmatic, Android Camera For Instagram

The camera is equipped Socialmatic 16 GB of storage media and equipped with a slot for SD cards, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G. In addition, this camera also runs on the Android operating system to allow users to share photos on Instagram.

With a retro design theme, camera Socialmatic really like the camera with the Polaroid brand that has the mechanism to print photos directly from the camera. Indeed, the camera also follows the design of the logo itself Instagram, at least explain that the camera is for Instagram users.

Party Socialmatic targeting the first quarter of 2014 to provide a commercial camera, but there is currently no information given about the price. So, for fans of Instagram, this gadget seems mandatory awaited his presence.

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