Saturday, March 23, 2013

Face Stealer For iPhone

For users of the iPhone, recently there was a free AR application called Face Stealer made by  Yahoo Japan ??that make your face look unusual.

This iPhone application can display various facial mask derived from an original photo, such as animals, celebrities, comic, or your own face and displayed in the form of video display. In addition, Yahoo Japan has also developed a library that is used to analyze and reflect different expressions and head movements in real time and automatically.

The application is able to track and mencapture each facial feature points in real-time on an object that is aligned with the movement of the mouth and the eyebrows in order to obtain the appropriate facial appearance knockoff. If these points are not aligned facial features, you can improve it alone until a display as you wish. While the resulting video or photos will be shared through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Here is the video footage Face stealer operation of the application for the iPhone:

Meanwhile, in the future Yahoo Japan reportedly is also considering developing a chat application that displays the ability to make anonymous face.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another Plastic Design, Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S4 praised once criticized. He hailed from the specs and features, but has been criticized because the plastic material that surrounds the Galaxy S4.

Samsung seems less eager to compete in terms of design, look at Apple and HTC have been using aluminum material flagship phones each, the iPhone 5 and HTC One.

Samsung Design America's head, Dennis Miloseski said, that does not mean Samsung override the design of a product. According to him, the design process is not started from the outside of course material.

"It's not that we quickly decided, Okay, we'll make a phone with a metal material. Begins the design process of the story. S4 Galaxy for the class that will be marketed around the world, we begin the design of a variety of tastes," explains Miloseski.

The side will be perceived user experience is also included in the design calculations. "We're making the device thinner and lighter, with a beautiful screen. With Samsung, it's better to build a meaningful relationship with technology," said Miloseski, speaking at a conference held Expand Engadget.

Samsung also focus on the specific hardware and software that makes the Galaxy S4 richer. Samsung is touting the eye tracker feature to scroll the screen, record video with front and rear cameras, and so on.

"We were thinking about how to bring life into your device. Creating devices become more intelligent, reasonable and let them design will increase from time to time," said Miloseski.

In terms of marketing, Samsung strike a psychological prospective users. The language used for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is: "a life," a device that supposedly can study the behavior of users thanks to features that exist in it.

On the Galaxy S and Galaxy S Generation 2, Samsung was applying physical design rounded corners, which then become a source of legal patent war with Apple, which allegedly resembles the iPhone.

Since the launch of Galaxy S III, Samsung try to bring a new paradigm in design and offers a new aesthetic. But by naked eye, the South Korean company is showing a similar design between the Galaxy S III, S4, and the Galaxy Note 2.

Pioneer BDR-XU02JM, Super Slim Blu-ray Burner For iMac & MacBook

The presence of the generation of the Apple iMac and the new MacBook is no longer equipped with a built-in optical drive, practically require users to use an external optical drive just to memburning or read the disc. Given that, recently Pioneer has just introduced a device model external Blu-Ray burner for that claimed the thinnest in the world of Pioneer BDR-XU02JM.

Not only capable of writing BD-R and BD-RE speeds up to 6X, burner super slim Blu-ray also has support BDXL standard for burning BD-R TL / QL-speed 4x, BD-RE and TL / QL 2x speed. In addition, the Blu-Ray burner is also capable of recording up to 8x speed and DVD recording speed 24x CD-R/RW. Meanwhile, to provide high-quality Audio CD playback, this drive was to use technology PureRead RealTime.

Pioneer BDR-XU02JM is equipped with a USB interface and a 4MB buffer memory. Its size is just 133mm x 12mm x 133mm and weighs 245g only.

Comes with chasing made ??of magnesium alloy, Pioneer BDR-XU02JM Super Slim is scheduled to be on sale soon from the end of March 2013 as well.
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