Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google Glass Show Of By Opening Social Apps

Google showed off the latest capabilities clever glasses that can run the Gmail app. Smart glasses can also run third-party applications category news portals, social networking and productivity.

Google Developer Senior advocates, Timothy Jordan said the existence of Gmail allows users to reply to important emails directly from smart glasses. Glass glasses called Google can show the subject field, message content, to images. He was able to be governed by sound.

"You can have access to the technology you love, but maybe not right now," Jordan said in the SXSW conference in Austin, United States, Monday (11/03/2013).

He also showed the ability to open an application smart glasses news portal of The New York Times. This application can be governed by the movement of the head to read the news to display photos.

Glasses also support the Evernote application which is actually used to record everything. Finally, Jordan open a social networking application Path of glasses.

If a friend shared a photo on Path, glasses can give notification. He gave an example of how the glasses can be used to leave a comment and choose emoticons Path to navigation touchpad in the right frame glasses.

Google Glass introduced the application developer conference Google I / O in June 2012. Google often show off the ability to prove that Google's Glass is real, not just a concept.

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