Sunday, March 17, 2013

Problems With SimCity, Gift For Gamers

Electronic Arts (EA) recognizes the latest SimCity was released not perfect with the number of problems.

Starting from SimCity fans enthusiasm is unstoppable, shortly after they launched the curious flocked to try out the game. Unfortunately, EA did not anticipate this. The server encountered a problem and make SimCity fans disappointed.

In a blog post on the official EA website, Lucy Bradshaw who headed down games at EA Maxis brand admits 'stupidity' their company. They should be ready to welcome so many people who log in play the ame.

"More people are playing and the way we have never seen in the beta version. We agree, it is stupid not anticipate this. However we are committed to fix it immediately," said Lucy.

He said, as quoted from Tech Radar, Tuesday (03/12/2013), in the last 48 hours, EA has been working to increase their server capacity up to 120 percent.

Citing review PC Gamer, playing games constantly, especially if there are a lot of players will have an impact on the gameplay. Many game critics say the game will run very well if the server is really ready to work.

"SimCity is made to be played online., And if you do not get a stable connection, you will not get a satisfactory gaming experience," added Lucy.

As an apology, EA offers a number of free games for fans of SimCity a let down. At least, this is quite a good step taken by the EA to keep the loyalty of the fans of the game.

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