Saturday, March 9, 2013

Google - Warner VS Apple - Beats

Do not want to lose to Apple Beats took to revive his music streaming service, Google also has to pick up Warner Music to develop a similar service.

In the agreement that has been approved by both parties, as reported by Billboard says Google has the right to be able to use two music streaming service owned by Warner Music.

Later both of these services will come to the Android operating system, Google's Play, as well as Youtube.

Google streaming music service is rumored to be present for Android and Youtube user in the form of a specific service package that will be offered Google.

Unfortunately when trying confirmed to both parties, both Warner Music and Google are represented by Youtube are still reluctant to comment related cooperation they have the girder. But the strong suspicion says, actually Google eyeing Youtube user who scored 800 million unique visitors each month.

That when the music streaming service has been embedded in Youtube, it automatically convert the music streaming service Google as the largest in the world. Obviously because with the big name of Youtube that are already ingrained in millions of internet users in the world.

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