Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nokia With Aluminium Case

Nokia ready to release a new series of Lumia. The champion that uses the Windows Phone operating system is no longer using polycarbonate casing, but clad in aluminum.

There is no specific information about the arrival time of the smartphone. However, given the number of leak spreads lately, reported by Softpedia on Monday (03/04/2013), the latest Lumia series is expected to appear in a few months.

Previously, it was rumored Nokia's latest smartphone codenamed unique, Catwalk. If true Nokia will shift from polycarbonate plastic to aluminum, the smartphone will be increasingly competing with products such as the iPhone.

Reportedly there will be two Nokia smartphones based on Windows 8 that ready for launch in 2013. Apparently, Nokia so 'compulsive' in releasing the Windows phones. Success Lumia 920 that stole the attention of a trigger.

Nokia claims Lumia 920 sold out in a number of countries. In Germany, it is iridescent smartphones sold. Another indication, the Lumia 920 also ranks second in the list of best-selling handset in the popular retail website based in the United States, Amazon.

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