Thursday, March 7, 2013

Apple iWatch with iOS

Smart watches made by Apple is almost certainly not just a rumor. The recent news that Apple iWatch will use the operating system iOS, the same as on the iPhone and iPad.

Apple is targeting the launch of smart watches the end of 2013. Currently, Apple is still struggling with the problem mentioned battery endurance.

A source told technology website TheVerge, after a full charge, this smart watches prototype can only survive a few days. IWatch Apple wants to last longer, at least 4 to 5 days.

Selection of iOS as the operating system clock to be created using curved glass material (curved glass), not other operating systems, is considered very attractive.

Previously, Apple had used a mobile OS like iOS on the sixth-generation iPod nano, which was released in 2010. The rationale for this OS because it is lighter and simpler, although it has some limitations when compared to iOS.

If the news is accurate, the decision to use iOS on iWatch will benefit Apple, developers, and of course users. IOS applications on the iPhone and iPad do not need to be rebuilt from scratch to be used in the iWatch.

Apple's move to delay the launch by sharpening the reliability of battery life iWatch was considered a very appropriate step. Due to a gadget that is used (in the wrist) the reliability of the battery is the main feature. Very uncomfortable, a watch must be removed and in-charge every few hours in a day.

TheVerge also said, Apple has a big job to do in terms of building the right groove for the transfer of information and notifkasi between the iPhone and the iWatch.

Apple certainly has thought of everything in designing this new category of gadget. This is evident from the news about the existence of the 100-worker to the success of this iWatch.

Of the approximately 100 members of the team, not all employees are focused on developing hardware and software for these products. There are also employees who are appointed to design and consider strategies to market this one device.

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