Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Google Glass Ascertained Will Be Published This Year

Recent news about Google Glass back out. This time the site TheVerge get release time for the smart glasses.

In an interview, Google's Product Director Glass, Steve Lee said that it plans to bring it to consumers at the end of 2013 even though it's not mention the exact date.

Previously, precisely in June of last year, Google has presented a pre-order for the developer in the event Google I / O with a price of USD 1,500.

And as quoted from TheVerge, Saturday (02/23/2013), Google will sell for less than the price after the potential buyers of their products are widely marketed.

Although previously there were signs that Google will release a glasses augmented realitynya it in 2013, but only this time they provide more specific information.

CNET reported that, Glass will be able to connect to Android phones and iPhone via Bluetooth. As reported previously, these glasses can receive voice commands from the user to perform a number of tasks and displays the information on the Heads Up Display (HUD).

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